Auctorizium is a company specializing in providing E-Passport, Public Key Directory, Border Control and  Security solutions.

We have implemented and are operating the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) PKD, an international public key directory, which acts as a global central repository for countries to exchange signing credentials to validate E-Passports. For example, Singapore can download Germany’s signing credentials to validate the signature on German E-Passports to ensure that it is authentic. There are currently 41 member countries and more members will join as more countries issue E-Passports.

Our Border Control solution is deployed in a few countries including Singapore. The solution includes the synchronization of the National Public Key directory (a local repository within the country) with the ICAO PKD, handling of the secure propagation of certificates from this local repository down to individual Border Control terminals, where the actual E-Passport verification is carried out and a custom built parser and validation module that validates the documents.

Authenticating of physical documents using Image template comparison, new methods to issue E-Visas and the use of smart phones as document readers are on-going areas of innovation.

Key Areas of Technologies:

  • Cryptography (Symmetric and Asymmetric)
  • Public Key Infrastructure
  • Network Communications including SSL/TLS
  • Light Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)
  • Databases
  • 2D Bar Code
  • Image manipulation and comparison
  • Platforms: Windows, Solaris, Android